The hot summer months seem to come and go quicker year after year.  When they are here however, they will really blast us with some hot and humid days and nights.  For a lot of us this isn’t really an issue since we have air conditioning or some type of cooling system in our homes.  The problem comes in when this system breaks down.

When your system breaks down it is vital that you get it fixed as quickly as possible.  Thumbing through the phone book is never a good idea.  What you will want to consider is having a company like Day & Night on speed dial to ensure you can get your system up and running quickly.  If you are like most, it is a good idea to find these issues before they become a problem.

Clean your filters

Each air conditioning unit has filters.  These filters are used to collect dirt and dust as they travel through the air and into the system to be cooled.  The cool air is then sent out through the system and the process repeats itself.  When you run your AC for an extended period of time these filters will become covered in what is in the air.  You want to turn off your unit, remove the filters and replace them.  Once this is done, your filters are good for another few months.

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Make sure thermostat has batteries

You don’t want to be in the middle of a heatwave and have your batteries die.  If your batteries die then you will have to replace them.  This process is fairly straightforward.  You simply pull the unit off the wall and on the back you will see two batteries.  Remove them with a finger or a screwdriver.  Then replace the batteries making sure that you match up the positive directions correctly.  Return the device to the wall and you are ready to go again.